politics of the hap


Welcome to exploring the politics of the hap. This blog is a space for musings on how a politics of the hap can allow for the potential and possibility of being in other ways. It’s about love, loss, affect and ultimately what might make up a life worth living. If you are interested in finding out what the politics of the hap is all about (and my borrowing of the idea from Sara Ahmed) please read my opening post.

I’m interested in – and write about – grief, bereavement, emotions and affect, recovery, liminality, qualitative health research, work of Foucault and critical sociological work on different aspects of health.

This blog features ideas and essays written during the completion of my PhD at The Open University. My research was a qualitative study entitled ‘Recovering Normal’ that explored the notion of ‘recovery’ from grief following bereavement. I undertook a Foucauldian methodology to examine the socially constructed notion of ‘recovery’ and the staged models of grief, and interviewed practitioners and bereaved people, as well as analysing policy documents and lay literature.

I currently work as a Research Associate in the School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences at King’s College London.



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At the risk of appearing dim, what does ‘hap’ mean?

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