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The concrete realisation of being the odd one out
February 24, 2013, 7:58 pm
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Making being the odd one out look damn cool.

Making being the odd one out look damn cool.

The last post lead to an exchange of comments between myself and a friend and I felt they deserved airing here. Some salient (but unfinished) points concerning escape, running away and crucially the process of self-realisation necessary for freeing oneself.


C: “Non-action is decisive even if it is not active, and can be the better option when the avenues to express one’s desires are unsatisfactory, limiting and repetitive.” This is why those maroon communities and a life of docile leisure has began to look as the only way out… for me anyway….theres no more to understand or learn, delinking is the next and only logical option…must revive our long-winded tradition..

Me: hmm delinking is possible only when we are at first linked – linked, tied to what and whom? We are always tied it is a matter of choosing to what we are tied – ‘maroon’ communities and ‘docile’ leisure, appear marooned or docile only to us but we will never un-know that which wish to detach from, in other words we can never live as those we desire… way out of what? the ladder to where etc…?

C: Lol @ the ladder….delinking and becoming marooned from the society that does not accept us, a society which has tried but failed to meet our ideals….since the sum-total of our socialization which through no fault of our own (well through our addition of the wrong stuff (books instead of “reality tv”)) has failed to ready us for full participation- we either remain and come to terms with weirdness and solitude or risk our mental health by trying to change things from within…and history has shown us that this rarely happens….yes we have to choose our jailers and we have to be very proactively serious about that..for we all know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road—they get run over…seen

Me: Perhaps life is too short to battle from within, perhaps. Yet so long as such things as pregnant gang rape porn exist I cannot quite abandon this society to which I have been socialized. It is mine, as much as people would like to push me into solitude and ‘weirdness’. History has shown that meanings and definitions change, sometimes very arbitrarily. Escape is an intoxicating vision but me fleeing from the situation will only reinforce the situation better to work towards expanding the vision of what is possible, to fight against the reduction in the tolerance of the different ways people actually live their lives.

C: no one is pushing you into solitude weirdness…you are already in it. whats is left is the concrete realization of who you are/what you have become due to your wide reading etc…the fact that you are still thinking about the significance of that genre of entertainment goes to show that you are not “normal” normal people just forget and move on… kill your consciousness or it will be killed for you. my reading of history has led me to believe rightly or wrongfully, that one is simply not let in ‘the event’ wearing their conscious on their shoulder…they either quickly jettison it or it is duly extracted by the mere fuctionalism of ‘the event’. how many have come in thinking they are going to change it and have ended up being changed themselves ? those who have done any good have been squeezed out or have run out of steam and have become satisfied with churning out long-winded academic crap that is accessed by 3 people of average… doing battle is also an intoxicating vision, perhaps even more so- romantic cavalry-ism…maybe at a small scale one can inform those in their vicinity, unless one is in a teaching capacity then writing would be a way…but other than that SAVE YOURSELF. As for the society being “mine” i really dont understand this…just because we have been thrown here it doesn’t mean that this is the only way of being… fighting and running is part and parcel of life…I think its Bob Marley who sung that “he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day”

Me: I don’t have any sugar-coated visions of changing the world especially not through academia, as you know I have little faith in the cardigan-wearing tea and biscuits culture it has become. Everyone is too scared to speak out. I have no plans to battle anyone nor save them so maybe you misunderstood my intent. I just don’t believe fleeing the scene or ‘escaping’ is a valid option. Just as I don’t presume to bring utopia to this society I don’t presume utopia exists elsewhere, in these marooned communities, inequalities and problems exist there too only in different guises. Perhaps it is naive or childish of me to hope in contributing to small changes in peoples’ day to day lives. Yet I rather that than to live just for myself. That is why I write a blog, one person reads it and thinks about then great my job done. I don’t foresee being changed by the process, I’ve wised up in my old age. Realisation of who I am? what does this mean?? I have accepted my position in the world but I don’t accept the structures/discourse/ideology that put me there and I won’t. The task is not to realise who I am (this is an impossible exercise) but to realise who/what is making up my identity and with what claims. Seeing through the binds that restrict feels freeing, I can keep running as long as I don’t believe that the life I am living is any more truthful than what I have left behind.

C: its impossible to “undermine your current purpose of existence” you’ve outlived dying young ps.-we are all in this together…true there is no utopia– its only in our heads. thats why some people believe in going to a better place in the afterlife (thats another story though). sometimes nothing is a valid option, maybe we shouldn’t be looking for solutions in the first place. in a way doing so might be setting ourselves up for failure. the benefit of scaling down is that contradictions become clearer thus making it easier to think up and find viable “solutions” or even at least ways of living in harmony together. herein the maroon communities/delinking can shade clear examples of how we can do things a bit differently- jared diamonds new book makes a strong case here. living with and for an exclusive small number of people is more rewarding than living trying to help these headless sheep. today i read a report in the croydon guardian of a 2 year old kid who had to be rushed to hospital after going two months without heating, this is when croydon keeps the lights on in the shopping center on all year round. things like these make it difficult to accept or claim this society. it does not accept me nor do i accept it- this is the concrete realization of being the odd one out- coming to terms with this is the real awakening for me…so the thing to do is to maroon to another place- the earth is wide….this is not running in its totality- that would require a rope or gun to the head…this is just to find better livable conditions. i have always said seeing the world for what it is, in all its horribleness is therapeutic- hence why im not depressed yet have a very bleak outlook…


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