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Diagramming freedom
March 25, 2011, 10:55 am
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An inspiring post by John Hutnyk in The Paper encapsulating the sentiments of a politics of the hap by outlining a radical alternative to:

‘…the current bland waking nightmare of now – the continuous drip-feed of non- informative news coverage, the fake choices, spray-on TV tans, and our false participation in plastic democracyTM…’

and what this could look like:

‘…Yes to running wild in the streets – we can sit down afterwards and work out how to do it all differently, again and again, that too can be fun. We just have to ask what is required to win a life like this, and more? What politics? What organization? What movement? More than a mere ‘like’ or ‘retweet’, or a one-day dawdle. Diagram this.’

And in the Editorial of The Paper (http://wearethepaper.org/):

‘We follow rules, we obey laws, we adhere to social codes. At other moments we disobey the law, we break and bend the rules, we act outside of norms. In order to know when to obey and when to dissent and how to do these things together, we need to talk about our fears and about the things that scare us, the things that keep us apart and paralyse our ability to act. The intention is not to dwell in the comforts of fear, but instead to see what alliances and ideas emerge when we politicise the experience of fear. It is from here that we can confront fear with disobedience.’

It is not only about realizing fears, it is certainly not about smothering them over with some false comforts (Western conceptions of Buddhist thought, mindfulness, free hugs -http://www.guerrillahugs.com/ – and the like), but politicizing them. Whether disobedience (counter strategies) are the solution is uncertain, but what is clear is that they are the only means from which to begin. Yet we can never be ignorant to remind ourselves that merely countering the system with tools and ideas and language created by the system will ultimately fail as we remain within the limited confines of double-bind thinking.

Diagramming freedom; what tools are required, what shape will it mutate in and out of, how far will it reach…

Read it here.


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